Sunday, July 13, 2014


This has been one bear of a summer so far with the amount of work going into the household. Massive amount of effort restructuring the garden, new garage finished, brick laid around the yard, garden put in and tended, deck stripped of old paint and sealed, house partially painted (more to be done there) still need to lay more brick around the house and build a brick patio and fire pit. And then there are the surprises any home owner loves like today's broken plumbing line.  Fixed it because otherwise there was no water for the household (wife wouldn't be to pleased about that as you can imagine) but you can guess what happened to the planned writing for the day. That allotted time went  elsewhere. Did I mention my home is 108 years old?
   As you can see, the writing has been done in snatches of creativity when possible. However, there is still much to come in the writing realm. Only for now the release dates are going to be pushed back a bit. To wit, there are eight novels in the cooker. I hope to have at least three of them ready by Xmas. Readers deserve my best and that's what I aim to give you so I won't rush things. Hold on with me and I promise the wait will be worth it. In the meantime there are four stellar novels already available for your enjoyment. I would love it if some of you found them worthy of your time.