Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hopes For The New Year

I'm sure anything I write here mirrors what most of us hope for but I have to say it anyway.

.I absolutely would love to see more humanity in 2013. I won't glorify violence by rehashing it but you all know what I mean.
.I hope our government actually works together for the good of those who put them in office.
.I hope all the haters stop hating.
.I hope to achieve a breakthrough in my writing and wish the same for many others.
.On that note, I hope people read more.
.I hope for health, wealth (not necessarily money either) and the fulfillment of dreams for everyone.

There are a lot of other hopes I could add but I prefer to leave something for the reader's imagination.  Add to your own list and let's make it a great 2013 everyone.

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