Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hopes For The New Year

I'm sure anything I write here mirrors what most of us hope for but I have to say it anyway.

.I absolutely would love to see more humanity in 2013. I won't glorify violence by rehashing it but you all know what I mean.
.I hope our government actually works together for the good of those who put them in office.
.I hope all the haters stop hating.
.I hope to achieve a breakthrough in my writing and wish the same for many others.
.On that note, I hope people read more.
.I hope for health, wealth (not necessarily money either) and the fulfillment of dreams for everyone.

There are a lot of other hopes I could add but I prefer to leave something for the reader's imagination.  Add to your own list and let's make it a great 2013 everyone.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Simeon's Promise

Simeon's Promise is a story that explores some very difficult themes. It also contains some hard language that is central to the characters portrayed in the story. Parents, I am telling you this outright so that you know it is not intended for minors. SIMEON'S PROMISE IS FOR ADULTS! I hope that's clear enough.

Now, having said that, the story is principally about forgiveness under the most extreme of circumstances and the language is not gratuitous nor is it the focus of the story. Nadine and Simeon's estranged relationship is. Of course there's action, and adventure, and intrigue intertwined within the sizzling interactions between the characters because I have to entertain and tantalize you, but there is also an underlying message. I would love to know what you think should you read it. And if you read the post before this one, you know that the story is free for the next 90 days to members of Amazon Prime. So if you are not a member, then join already and get some reading done... Reviews folks, please. How else can we writers give you what you want? I'm just saying...

Amazon Prime

I took the plunge and listed all of my books for free on Amazon Prime just in time for Xmas. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can read all four of my novels for free for the next ninety days. I may decide to extend the offer longer than that but that will be decided later. Happy reading everyone. Reviews are always welcome.


My condolences to everyone in Connecticut first of all. I live in Colorado where two of the most talked about mass shootings have taken place so I am no stranger to the grief and sorrow those in Connecticut must feel. Our prayers are with you and may God comfort you.