Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Writer Needs To Know

Readers...how much detail is too much? We writers want to give you realism; grit where it should be gritty such as foul language in the case of a character who should talk that way because he's a thugged out menace, or high brow language when the character is a well bred gentleman. And when the story just needs to move along we want to do that well too. I ask because I've had reader comments all over the spectrum (yes, I know everyone is different and has different perspectives they bring to the table when they're reading). Some want the fluff, where you gloss over a particularly delicate subject, and others want to get down and dirty just like a certain character might really be in true life. We all know (or have come across) some nasty people with foul mouths and even fouler actions. Do you want that character real or not is my question as long as it adds to the story? In my novel Consider Job (e), one of the main protagonist is the devil. Now, we all know the devil ain't nice to put it plain. Still, there are some who think the minimal (in my mind) characterization of the enemy of all mankind is too much in certain scenes. I am still going to write the way I write and inject nasty/gentility/reservedness into a story wherever I think it's appropriate, but I do value your opinions...let me hear from you. In the end it may help shape how much detail I give you in the many tales floating around inside this brain of mine.

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