Monday, October 29, 2012

Womens Contributions During WW2

I had a great conversation with a dear friend today (female...hello Lynn). The subject of women during the war years of WW2 came up and I relayed to her that several of the reviews and comments I got back about my first novel (Foreign Son, formerly Auslander) mentioned their dislike of some of the contributions to the story by the female lead and others. Let me say first of all that reviews are useful to an author in many ways, letting us know that the story is resonating with readers for instance so they are appreciated. However, my reason for this post is to point out that several males in particular had a problem with women doing anything more than minding the children and keeping the kitchen clean until daddy/boyfriend etc. returned from his heroes role at the front. I will cover the motivation for the Auslander series in another post so I won't go into it here. What I will say emphatically is that women...ladies...females...girls, played a huge role in the war effort. The most well known fact here in America is that women went into the labor force and produced many of the planes/tanks/arms/munitions that their husbands and sons etc. were using to win the war (i.e. Rosy the Riveter). That was far from their only contribution however. The Russian military employed female tank crews, pilots and more during the war. Women acted as spies behind enemy lines at the cost of their lives, participated in the French resistance, served on the home front in England and numerous other countries. Acted as code breakers, sifted the enemy for vital information in numerous countries... I could go on for some time but I believe I have made my point. Ladies, you will get nothing but a shout out from this writer. I did a tremendous amount of research to write my Auslander books even though they are fictional (and there will be much more to come with all the main characters getting their own stories) and I will scream from the mountain top that women, you handled your business with grace, grit and boundless courage in the midst of one of the worst periods of evil the world has ever seen. I will continue to give you your due no matter what some narrow-minded males believe. First up in the cue will be Elise's story (I'm guessing around January in the new year before it's complete). I think you're going to love this lady. She is full of fire, passion, righteous indignation and fury when the time is right. I do want to thank my male counterparts before I end this post. They have proven to this writer that I was on the right track when I felt that women's contributions to the war effort absolutely had to be highlighted in any series I created. For that I am very grateful. Here's a link to Amazon's page featuring Women during World War Two. Read about some of these amazing heroines and see if you aren't as impressed as I was.


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