Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Weekend Watching My Sons Perform

I had a great time this past weekend watching my sons, Dominique and Isaiah perform. Dominique was one of the finalists in the new faces contest at Comedy Works: he had a great set; in fact everyone did. And then from Thursday through Sunday, he was the MC for Tommy Davidson's five shows at The Improv (yes, the Tommy Davidson from "In Living Color" with Jamie Foxx, JLo and the Wayans family back in the day). Dillon Garcia from Comedy Central was featured as well. Good times and lots of laughs for everyone. My other son, Isaiah, besides being one of the actors employed by the Natural History museum here in Denver where he is currently bringing to life characters from the Pompei disaster, is also featured in a production of Edgar Allen Poe's work at the Byers Evans Theater. That show was also slamming: the cast did a great job of bringing Poe's admittedly dark works to life. Now I just need the Women's basketball season to start so I can see my daughter, Shae, play for Old Dominion. And I absolutely will be in Las Vegas in December when the Lady Monarchs are there for a tournament at UNLV. Can't wait!

Now...I have writing to do.


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