Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where The Auslander Series Is Headed

I wanted to answer a question about the Auslander series. The intent is and always has been to highlight the common humanity of the characters. I've already posted about the multinational makeup of the principal characters. All of them have viable, important background stories to be told and that will be done. As I've also posted, Elise will be first and then other stories will follow as I can create them. I am very much looking forward to telling the stories of Petra, Benjamin and Nayda for example.  They are the three Jewish children from the original novel who are trapped living underground in Berlin for the unaware. Their story will receive the same detailed attention as all the others. In the end, what I intend to do is bring all of them back together for some more riveting adventures and to continue their story as a group while the years pass. My hope is to portray the commonness of our struggle as human beings no matter our backgrounds. Particularly under the most trying circumstances...stay tuned.


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Womens Contributions During WW2

I had a great conversation with a dear friend today (female...hello Lynn). The subject of women during the war years of WW2 came up and I relayed to her that several of the reviews and comments I got back about my first novel (Foreign Son, formerly Auslander) mentioned their dislike of some of the contributions to the story by the female lead and others. Let me say first of all that reviews are useful to an author in many ways, letting us know that the story is resonating with readers for instance so they are appreciated. However, my reason for this post is to point out that several males in particular had a problem with women doing anything more than minding the children and keeping the kitchen clean until daddy/boyfriend etc. returned from his heroes role at the front. I will cover the motivation for the Auslander series in another post so I won't go into it here. What I will say emphatically is that women...ladies...females...girls, played a huge role in the war effort. The most well known fact here in America is that women went into the labor force and produced many of the planes/tanks/arms/munitions that their husbands and sons etc. were using to win the war (i.e. Rosy the Riveter). That was far from their only contribution however. The Russian military employed female tank crews, pilots and more during the war. Women acted as spies behind enemy lines at the cost of their lives, participated in the French resistance, served on the home front in England and numerous other countries. Acted as code breakers, sifted the enemy for vital information in numerous countries... I could go on for some time but I believe I have made my point. Ladies, you will get nothing but a shout out from this writer. I did a tremendous amount of research to write my Auslander books even though they are fictional (and there will be much more to come with all the main characters getting their own stories) and I will scream from the mountain top that women, you handled your business with grace, grit and boundless courage in the midst of one of the worst periods of evil the world has ever seen. I will continue to give you your due no matter what some narrow-minded males believe. First up in the cue will be Elise's story (I'm guessing around January in the new year before it's complete). I think you're going to love this lady. She is full of fire, passion, righteous indignation and fury when the time is right. I do want to thank my male counterparts before I end this post. They have proven to this writer that I was on the right track when I felt that women's contributions to the war effort absolutely had to be highlighted in any series I created. For that I am very grateful. Here's a link to Amazon's page featuring Women during World War Two. Read about some of these amazing heroines and see if you aren't as impressed as I was.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Okay folks, it has to be said. I have two books listed for free on Smashwords, Foreign Son and Consider Job (e). I thoroughly and sincerely appreciate those who have downloaded copies. I would really appreciate a review when you finish reading. Please do so on  As a writer, I crave feedback so that I can take it to heart and tweak and perfect my craft. All you readers out there are the best, I just need to know what you think once you have read my work.  Life is busy for all of us, I understand that. Mine is crammed with activity too, but I would love your feedback when you can get to it. In the meantime, keep reading and God bless.

Happy days,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Weekend Watching My Sons Perform

I had a great time this past weekend watching my sons, Dominique and Isaiah perform. Dominique was one of the finalists in the new faces contest at Comedy Works: he had a great set; in fact everyone did. And then from Thursday through Sunday, he was the MC for Tommy Davidson's five shows at The Improv (yes, the Tommy Davidson from "In Living Color" with Jamie Foxx, JLo and the Wayans family back in the day). Dillon Garcia from Comedy Central was featured as well. Good times and lots of laughs for everyone. My other son, Isaiah, besides being one of the actors employed by the Natural History museum here in Denver where he is currently bringing to life characters from the Pompei disaster, is also featured in a production of Edgar Allen Poe's work at the Byers Evans Theater. That show was also slamming: the cast did a great job of bringing Poe's admittedly dark works to life. Now I just need the Women's basketball season to start so I can see my daughter, Shae, play for Old Dominion. And I absolutely will be in Las Vegas in December when the Lady Monarchs are there for a tournament at UNLV. Can't wait!

Now...I have writing to do.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Change Of Plans

I'm changing up the format a little bit due to a persistent and very loud voice telling me I need to. Elise, my spy novel will not be ready for Xmas. I will definitely keep working on her but it will be at a slower pace. My energies will instead go primarily into another project. It's hard for anyone to understand unless they write but sometimes there is a little voice in your head that tells you that you need to do something first. Only this voice isn't so little, so I'm listening. I'm going to leave the subject matter as a surprise for a little while but I will say that if you had to label the project or put it in a category it would be YA, or young adult. However, I have always intended to write for all people so I am certain that everyone will find the story line entertaining and relevant as well. I'm excited about it (and everything else I'm working on).

I'll keep the updates coming,


Monday, October 8, 2012

Encouraging Message To The Young

Some among us older folks understand your apathy and disgust with the way things work sometimes. You've worked hard, gone to school, toed the line and done what you're supposed to. Your reward when you arrived in the 'Adult' world was landing in the middle of a grip of self-serving, backstabbing, miserable people who wouldn't help a fallen person up out of the gutter. I just want to tell you that there are many among us who are your biggest fans. Don't let negative experiences (or people) define your outlook on life or others. You've all got dreams. Don't let anyone tell you you can't achieve them. It's your journey. Guard your heart against bitterness and if someone knocks you down emotionally, spiritually, physically, keep getting up. They'll fade away eventually and you'll be the one standing. I'm looking for great things from a whole lot of you. And by great i'm not talking material gain, I mean you fighting the good fight, taking care of others and being someone with enough strength and fortitude to step away from the herd. If you don't like the way the world works, then don't be the world. Be who you were intended to be.

Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, October 7, 2012


A note about where Elise is (my spy novel with the female double agent). I'm laboring hard on it but I have a phenomenal amount of work to do before it will be ready; i'm still shooting for a Christmas release though.

I'm also finishing the sequel to Simeon's Promise. And if anyone is wondering, no it isn't a great idea to be working on two novels at once but that's the task I set before myself. The fortunate thing is that the stories are so different that they require two separate mindsets to create.That may sound odd for anyone that isn't a writer, but what it means is that I have to go to two disparate places while creating. That distance from one another makes it possible to do though not easy. I have read about numerous methods that author use for inspiration but I know what works for me and am sticking to it. If it ain't broke don't fix it so to speak.

Back to work now.



Monday, October 1, 2012

Putting Horn Players on Notice (Especially you Marsalis People)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I keep my alto and tenor saxophones next to me while I write and how much the study of music aids my creativity. I say all that so that I can put all you world famous horn playing people on notice. Some day, like in ten or twenty or seventy five years I am going to get good on these instruments and then I'm coming for you. So you Marsalis brothers, you established and ridiculously talented jazz geniuses like Joshua Redman, David Sanchez and the like, and also you smooth jazz artists like Gerald Albright and Boney James and Paul Taylor, I want you to know now that you better watch your backs (I just hope you'll take it easy on a brother when I do eventually challenge you and not embarrass me too bad). Wait..that's not supposed to be in there when I'm trash talking... Shoot, I already hit publish.