Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's the Point of the Auslander Series

In answer to a question I have gotten more than once, the point is that everyone's story is relevant. I always want to entertain when I write, but it is possible and my intention to do more. There are universal themes in human interaction that have relevance in any era. The heroines and heroes in "Foreign Son" and "Flight" and what's to come, are multinational and multiracial. All of them have a story worth telling. The idea and reality of the series is that all the main characters (and there are many just so you know because that was how the war played out) will have stand alone stories as well as combined adventures that unite all of them. If you can't find a character to empathize with in this series then I have missed the mark as the author. Elise, will be first up among the principals as I have mentioned here and elsewhere (excited about what this lady brings to the table). There is history and drama, racial tension, scintillating sequences of adventure and more as everything unfolds. It's kind of like real modern life which is my point about relevance. Anyone who reads this got all of that much more succinctly than others who asked me that question in person so count yourself lucky.

At any rate, Wednesday night, it's getting late, and I will have more for all of you tomorrow.

Hasta Manana, mis amigos.


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