Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musings From the Mind of the Author

A brief and admittedly rambling update. Learned about a disturbing new drug that has come to the world today at work by way of my continuing education as an EMT. I won't even mention the name here lest anyone vulnerable stumble upon this post and get any ideas. Needless to say, praying for everyone to stay free of such a devastating and ruthless path to destruction. Just know that I am interceding for everyone to find peace, love and happiness in this life without turning to something that will strip you of everything.

The writing is humming along. So much so that I don't want to cut it off at night. I've promised that my Simeon's Promise sequel, along with "Elise," the first independent character release from my Auslander series, will be ready by Xmas so I've got work to do. Ladies, I'm going to work to make you all proud in this one though I won't omit the fellas either. Elise is a British double agent who first appears in "Foreign Son". Her story is about to get deep to say the least, and highlight the ladies contribution to the war effort during the second World War. There's nothing typical about me, my characters,or Elise so if you think you've seen this story line before, you're wrong (that's as polite as I can put it). My heroine is about to "do some things" if I can put it in slight street terms. That's why I am asking for you ladies help in particular. I need all of you to make your stories relevant so I need your support when this thing kicks off. I'll be letting you know exactly when that is so stay tuned.

Have to do the work thing again tomorrow so off to shave, cut my hair and all of that other business.

Love and peace to everyone,


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