Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Comedy of Fishing Errors Gone Right

Just returned from the beautiful Colorado high country from my first fishing trip in a long time with my wife. Needless to say we were a little rusty. However, after much deliberation, agitation, and downright bumbling, as a team we landed a monster rainbow trout that almost stole my pole as I changed into my rain gear when it started sprinkling. A subsequent mad chase along the lake shore in the mud in my stocking feet soon had me fighting what felt like a very big fish. The battle raged, and ended with me pulling my prize from the water just in time for my line to snap. Fortunately, my wife had galloped back to the car and retrieved our net. Only problem was that the net was too small. So...while I slipped my feet into my shoes, she flipped our thrashing, very po'd supper up onto the sand where I could finally get a hold of him. And you know what? We got him and he is now filleted and in my freezer for future consumption. So you see, in the end the Kelley's won and the monster fish and the elements lost (this wouldn't be a fish story otherwise).So I would have to call it a victory. Next time, we'll be ready. Oh, by the way...just under 22 inches long and slightly more than four and a half pounds.

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