Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stop Hating and Start Loving

Just a quick post tonight on the writing process. I finally got to one of the major plot points in my Simeon's Promise series that took nearly two books to set up. Hopefully, I did it right. I'm sure someone will let me know if I didn't. And if they do and they're right, I'll fix it.

Now for the title of this point I'll be brief and to the point. Entirely too much hating, backbiting, using, abusing and all other forms of nasty going on in our society right now. Those things have always been there but it seems to be accelerating. Good people stand up and keep being you. We need more of what you bring to the world and less of what the dividers, biters and haters add. That's all I've got for the night.

Joy to everyone,


Friday, September 28, 2012

J.K Rowling and The Casual Vacancy

I took the time to check out reviews today for J.K Rowling's new book. First of all let me say that I haven't read the book. I have read a great deal about it and I also picked it up and browsed through it in a store yesterday to get a feel for the writing. I plan to read it when I am not so engrossed in trying to finish two of my own stories before Xmas. It was obvious to me instantly that Ms. Rowling has developed herself some serious writing chops from the brief exposure I had to her newest offering. But that is not what this post is about. I wanted to tackle the fact that most reviewers really took her to task for daring to write something so different from what they were used to from her. I don't have to mention her last effort here for anyone to know what I am referring to so I won't.

Rather, I want to say emphatically that I completely understand her need to write something different at this point. As someone who writes, I can empathize with any writer needing to keep the inspiration and imagination fresh. I haven't achieved one millionth of the success that Ms. Rowling has and may never (but i'm not believing that), but for those of you who have not considered her reasons for endeavoring to jump all the way out of the box many have placed her in as a writer, you have to realize that she absolutely and unequivocally had to in order to give you what you want from her down the road. Stagnation is a writers worst curse and when you have achieved what J.K. Rowling did with that one mega-million selling series, no matter how much you love your muse, firing up that wonderful imagination that she possesses means taking a risk; burning down the box; and departing from what everyone else expects, etc. As I said, I will read the book, and even offer a review for what it's worth. But I will also judge "The Casual Vacancy" on its own merits.

One more thing I do have to do is mention that My own novel,"Simeon's Promise," is a departure for me as a writer. There is profanity, sex, and some intense dialogue and interaction because that is the world of the characters that are featured. Convicts do not as a rule speak in colloquial, high-brow English so I did not depict them that way. In fact, it was my reviewers that directly told me that the original language used by some of my characters wasn't realistic. Most asked me to make it more real! I added all this to point out to anyone that might pick up "Simeon's Promise," you will encounter the aforementioned reality. The books overarching theme, however is forgiveness. Sometimes that means that the characters might be profane, nasty and downright unlikable, kind of like real life. Which is my point for anyone that has a problem with J.K. Rowling keeping it real so to speak. Nasty human beings use nasty language and do nasty things to one another. But you all knew that.

Still, and forever loving everyone,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's the Point of the Auslander Series

In answer to a question I have gotten more than once, the point is that everyone's story is relevant. I always want to entertain when I write, but it is possible and my intention to do more. There are universal themes in human interaction that have relevance in any era. The heroines and heroes in "Foreign Son" and "Flight" and what's to come, are multinational and multiracial. All of them have a story worth telling. The idea and reality of the series is that all the main characters (and there are many just so you know because that was how the war played out) will have stand alone stories as well as combined adventures that unite all of them. If you can't find a character to empathize with in this series then I have missed the mark as the author. Elise, will be first up among the principals as I have mentioned here and elsewhere (excited about what this lady brings to the table). There is history and drama, racial tension, scintillating sequences of adventure and more as everything unfolds. It's kind of like real modern life which is my point about relevance. Anyone who reads this got all of that much more succinctly than others who asked me that question in person so count yourself lucky.

At any rate, Wednesday night, it's getting late, and I will have more for all of you tomorrow.

Hasta Manana, mis amigos.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musings From the Mind of the Author

A brief and admittedly rambling update. Learned about a disturbing new drug that has come to the world today at work by way of my continuing education as an EMT. I won't even mention the name here lest anyone vulnerable stumble upon this post and get any ideas. Needless to say, praying for everyone to stay free of such a devastating and ruthless path to destruction. Just know that I am interceding for everyone to find peace, love and happiness in this life without turning to something that will strip you of everything.

The writing is humming along. So much so that I don't want to cut it off at night. I've promised that my Simeon's Promise sequel, along with "Elise," the first independent character release from my Auslander series, will be ready by Xmas so I've got work to do. Ladies, I'm going to work to make you all proud in this one though I won't omit the fellas either. Elise is a British double agent who first appears in "Foreign Son". Her story is about to get deep to say the least, and highlight the ladies contribution to the war effort during the second World War. There's nothing typical about me, my characters,or Elise so if you think you've seen this story line before, you're wrong (that's as polite as I can put it). My heroine is about to "do some things" if I can put it in slight street terms. That's why I am asking for you ladies help in particular. I need all of you to make your stories relevant so I need your support when this thing kicks off. I'll be letting you know exactly when that is so stay tuned.

Have to do the work thing again tomorrow so off to shave, cut my hair and all of that other business.

Love and peace to everyone,


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When to Quench the Writing Bug

The hardest thing to do sometimes is bring an inspired moment to a halt because you know you have to get ready for tomorrow's work day so you can be reasonably aware and alert and productive. I am in one of those moments right now. The words and creativity are flowing to the pace of the scintillating rhythm of the instrumental jazz I always listen to when I write. (Did I mention that I keep my saxophones next to me while writing also? The greatest thing I have learned about myself as a writer is that the study of music aids my writing. When I need a break, I will blow on my tenor or my alto sax and practice reading works for me like nothing else as far as inspiration but I digress). My point with this post is to communicate how hard it is for a writer to cut off that flow . Often I won't but I haven't made it to the big time so that my writing pays the bills yet so I continue to do what I do, which is labor as a firefighter. And yes I value what I do before anyone doubts that reality. However, I am more than 20 years into this phase of my life and am transitioning slowly into what I will do for the rest of my years, which is primarily write. At any rate, that is a glimpse into a small portion of my world...I'm going to to get ready for work now. Have a good night everyone.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcoming Titles

A few things to report on from the writing end of things. The sequel to Simeon's Promise, Homecoming, will be out in time for Xmas. I'm working hard on it and a couple of other projects. If I keep my nose to the grindstone I may have as many as three more novels completed in the next four months...we will see.

In answer to a question I got about the Auslander Series, Foreign Son and Flight, thus far, it is so much more than a story about a black soldier (Vince LaSalle) during WW2. It was the era of serious discrimination and segregation so that's included of course, but  there's a love story intertwined and characters that span the globe. The Scott Danny Keaton, Magda and her Polish compatriots. Petra and the Jewish refugee children that Vince rescues, my French contingent, Guy, Margaret and Julia. And ladies, you rightfully get your due with characters like Vierna, Jan Holling, the double agent Elise, who by the way will be the first supporting character to get her own stand alone novel which is the plan for all of the main characters. The idea is to highlight the various contributions to the war effort by so many different groups and people and then bring them all together for some adventures as a group. I also want to highlight their common humanity. The saga will go on for a very long time so if any of you television-series types are paying attention and looking for something different and universally appealing, I can put you to work for a number of years with that one series.

More in the way of Elise; the woman is bad, as in a soldier's soldier. She is one I want to make available for Xmas so wish me luck. Her story is also one that takes her deep under cover into the midst of the hell that was the Third Reich. Watch for her, I know I'm excited about what my creative brain is coming up with for her.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Comedy of Fishing Errors Gone Right

Just returned from the beautiful Colorado high country from my first fishing trip in a long time with my wife. Needless to say we were a little rusty. However, after much deliberation, agitation, and downright bumbling, as a team we landed a monster rainbow trout that almost stole my pole as I changed into my rain gear when it started sprinkling. A subsequent mad chase along the lake shore in the mud in my stocking feet soon had me fighting what felt like a very big fish. The battle raged, and ended with me pulling my prize from the water just in time for my line to snap. Fortunately, my wife had galloped back to the car and retrieved our net. Only problem was that the net was too small. So...while I slipped my feet into my shoes, she flipped our thrashing, very po'd supper up onto the sand where I could finally get a hold of him. And you know what? We got him and he is now filleted and in my freezer for future consumption. So you see, in the end the Kelley's won and the monster fish and the elements lost (this wouldn't be a fish story otherwise).So I would have to call it a victory. Next time, we'll be ready. Oh, by the way...just under 22 inches long and slightly more than four and a half pounds.